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Total Loss Value Appraiser

When a vehicle is involved in an auto accident and is damaged beyond 80% of its value, it is considered a total loss. Your insurance carrier owes you the fair market value of the vehicle, plus tax and any applicable fees.

Most Americans believe they will receive the Kelly Blue Book or NADA value of their vehicle. This is not always true. Insurance carriers will often use a third‑party service to determine the total loss value. It will usually be a biased opinion in favor of the insurance carrier.

This biased value may be thousands less than what you may be owed. Never trust the opinion of someone that owes you money!

Auto Claim Consultants uses several methods to determine the fair market value of your vehicle and will fight to make sure you receive proper compensation for your loss. We will handle the entire process as your appraiser to ensure you receive fair compensation for your totaled car.

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