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Welcome to Auto Claim Consultants, your trusted partner for accurate and unbiased vehicle assessments. As an independent car appraiser, we specialize in providing detailed evaluations to ensure you receive fair compensation for your vehicle claims. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering top-notch service, making us the premier choice for those seeking an independent vehicle appraiser. Discover the difference with Auto Claim Consultants today.

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About Us

Auto Claim Consultants is an expert motor vehicle appraisal service, offering the expertise of an independent auto appraiser to meet your needs. We specialize in Diminished Value Claims and Total Loss valuations, ensuring that our clients receive proper compensation for their losses. With our team of independent car appraisers and independent vehicle appraisers, you can trust that you are getting accurate and unbiased assessments. Call us for a no-cost consultation to discuss how we can help you get what you’re owed.

Our Services

Total Loss Valuations

When a vehicle is deemed a total loss, you may be owed more than initially offered.

Diminished Value Claims

Diminished value is the difference between the value of a vehicle before and after an accident. Learn more to see if you have a qualifying diminished value claim.


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V Aponte

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News and Results

Disputing CCC Total Loss Valuation

Fighting CCC Total Loss Valuation

A $6,300 increase for our client in New Jersey! The Limu Emu company used the typical low ball CCC Total...
Totaled car value

Never trust a CCC Value

A man from Texas gave us a call after his 2019 Ford F-250 Limited was stolen. He asked us to...
Successful CCC Value Dispute

Successful CCC Value Dispute

We recently helped out a client with an immaculate 2016 Lexus RC350 F Sport that was deemed a total loss...
CCC Total Loss Dispute

CCC Total Loss Value Dispute

CCC Total Loss Value Dispute A former Auto Body shop owner called us after State Farm low balled the value...
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CCC Total Loss Report Dispute

A client insured by USAA was referred to us by his attorney after he received a lowball offer on his...
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How to dispute an Insurance Company’s Total Loss Offer

If you believe that the total loss value of your vehicle is incorrect, there are a few steps you can...
car accidents and car crashes

How To Dispute an Autosource Market-Driven Valuation

When an insurance company decides to deem a vehicle a total loss because the extent of damage exceeds the repair...
auto claim consultant total loss appraisal

Mercedes G63 Total Loss Appraisal

A client with a 2013 Mercedes G63 was referred to us by his attorney. His insurance company, Progressive utilized a...
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Geico Total Loss Underpayments

Geico has underpaid nearly 227,000 of their own policy holders in California for their total loss vehicles. The class action...
auto claim consultant settlement costs

2021 Ram 3500 Diminished Value Claim

A client in Pennsylvania reached out to us after his vehicle was stuck by an Allstate insured. Allstate paid for...

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